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Restore Function & Aesthetics Restorative Dentistry

man in plaid smilingSome patients believe that in order to renew damaged or decayed teeth, they have to sacrifice the appearance of their smiles, but at our Boca Raton practice, Dr. Kenneth Mogell offers patients restorative dentistry services that correct not just flawed dental form and function but the appearance of patients’ smiles as well. With cosmetic solutions to restore damaged smiles, we offer patients the best of both worlds with healthy, natural looking and feeling teeth thanks to cosmetic smile restoration for patients from Pompano Beach, Palm Beach, and other nearby communities.


Inlays & Onlays

When significant tooth structure has been lost due to decay and a filling just won't be sufficient, Dr. Mogell restores the tooth with an onlay or inlay. This state of the art type of restoration is durable, reliable and preserves more tooth structure. These porcelain restorations reflect light and look natural.

Dental Crowns

Those patients who have damage or decay too extensive for repair with even an inlay or onlay, a dental crown may be the necessary solution. A dental crown fits over the top of damaged teeth, and restores dental form, function, and structure to damaged teeth.

Crowns for Dental Implants

One way to replace missing teeth is to place an implant. Dental implants are titanium anchors that replace missing tooth roots. They are positioned in the jawbone by a specialist, and Dr. Mogell attaches a porcelain crown after the healing process is completed. Implant crowns most closely resemble naturally beautiful looking smiles. If you are missing teeth, they are a comfortable alternative to dentures.

Dental Bridges

One way to replace missing teeth is restoring your smile with a bridge. A porcelain bridge is made to look like your natural row of teeth. The replacement teeth are anchored to crowns on either side creating a natural, healthy smile.

Dental Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. This is accomplished by fusing the replacement tooth to two dental crowns. These crowns act as anchors for the replacement tooth. The final result improves the smile by replacing the tooth with no visual difference and by anchoring the surrounding teeth so that they do not shift over time and create future bite problems.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are also called composite fillings, white fillings, or mercury-free fillings. Old metal fillings contained mercury to make the amalgam more pliable to fill the space caused by decay. Metal fillings expand and contract with heat and cold allowing bacteria to invade the spaces around the filling causing further decay. Most importantly, modern research has proven that mercury based fillings can release mercury vapor into a person's body making it a less desirable choice in dentistry today.

Composite fillings are stronger, more durable, and they do not expand and contract. They are also tooth colored, aesthetically pleasing, and eliminate the possibilities of sensitivity to metals. Dr. Mogell has chosen to use only composite resin fillings in restoring tooth structure.

Root Canal Therapy

If you experience severe toothache, sensitivity to changes in temperature that do not quickly abate, or notice discoloration of an individual tooth, you may be experiencing the painful effects of root canal therapy. In the past, tooth extraction was the only solution to cure this infection of the interior, pulp layers of teeth. We offer an alternative, pain relieving root canal therapy. We access the interior portion of the tooth and completely remove the damaged tissue, refill the tooth, and place a dental crown to protect the restored tooth.