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How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Protecting Your Smile from Harm

Couple applying advice on how to prevent dental emergencies in Boca Raton Dr. Mogell and our team are always ready to help you if you encounter a dental emergency. However, we hope you never have to face such an uncomfortable and frightening situation. That is why we have put together this brief guide on the steps you can take to protect your teeth from damage. Following the advice outlined here can drastically reduce your chances of suffering from a sudden and painful oral health problem.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Most adults should visit their dentist once every six months for a cleaning and checkup. The cleaning portion of the appointment gets rid of harmful plaque and bacteria that could lead to cavities and gum disease. It even gets rid of tartar, which is the hardened form of plaque that cannot be removed with at-home oral hygiene tools. The exam portion of the appointment allows your dentist to identify and treat oral health problems before they worsen to the point where they cause you pain and necessitate a visit to an emergency dental office in Boca Raton.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Your everyday oral hygiene routine is one of the key components in preventing dental emergencies in Boca Raton. Maintaining a clean mouth prevents bacterial buildup that can cause infection and decay. Your routine should include twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing. Your dentist may also recommend that you use an antibacterial mouth rinse. If you have any questions about which products and techniques are best for taking care of your mouth at home, your dental hygienist would be happy to talk with you.

Stick to a Nutritious Diet

Sugary and acidic foods and beverages are among the main causes of dental decay. Hence, you should enjoy things like sugary drinks, citrus fruits, and desserts in moderation. Instead, focus your diet on foods that are beneficial for your teeth and overall health. For example, calcium-rich foods can help to fortify tooth enamel while crunchy fruits and veggies (such as celery and apples) can help to clean the teeth and gums.

Wear a Mouthguard

If you play any type of sport, even a traditionally non-contact sport, consider investing in a custom mouthguard. Such mouthguards provide better, more comfortable protection than mouthguards that you can buy over the counter. They also provide superior protection again concussion.

Additionally, if you tend to grind your teeth at night, a custom nightguard can place a barrier between your top and bottom teeth and prevent them from damaging one another.

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

It can be tempting to open that snack bag or Amazon box with your teeth. However, doing so increases the risk that your teeth will chip or break. Carrying a small pair of scissors or pocketknife with you to open packages can help you avoid exposing your teeth to excessive force.

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