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Is It Okay if I Stop Using My CPAP Therapy in Boca Raton?

July 12, 2019

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CPAP therapy in Boca Raton is the most commonly prescribed treatment for fighting sleep apnea, and it is certainly effective. A CPAP machine uses continuous, gentle air pressure to help patients breathe throughout the night without disruption. However, some individuals find their CPAP to be annoying or even intolerable. If you are such a person, you may wonder what will happen if you stop using it. Are there any alternative treatment options? Let’s talk about these important questions.


How a Sleep Diary and Sleep Testing Could Change Your Life

June 2, 2019

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Some folks claim that tired is normal. If you’re not tired, you’re not working hard enough. But that’s not true at all! If you find that you have to drag your feet through each day, you should not conclude that your suffering is just a normal part of the everyday grind. You may be suffering from sleep apnea or another disorder that robs you of the rest you need to feel energized and productive. Let’s discuss how a sleep diary and sleep testing in Boca Raton could be your first steps on the way to becoming a happier, healthier, and less tired human being.


Does Sleep Apnea Increase Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s?

April 24, 2019

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Throughout the years, it has been well-established that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can cause or contribute to a number of serious health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular issues, mood disorders, and more. Recent research even indicates that OSA may lead to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s discuss the link between OSA and Alzheimer’s and how you may be able to protect your brain health through treatment for sleep apnea in Boca Raton.


3 Ways a Sleep Dentist Can Help You Beat Sleep Apnea in Vero Beach

March 11, 2019

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If you’re experiencing persistent issues with your sleep, whether they’re related to being tired all the time or chronic snoring, the last person you’d probably think to call for help would be a dentist, right? The reality is that modern-day sleep dentists are now able to find, diagnose, and even treat sleep apnea so patients can start getting the rest they need and safeguard their overall health at the same time. How? Read on to learn about the 3 ways a sleep dentist can help you overcome sleep apnea in Vero Beach.


A Dentist Discusses 5 Major Threats to Your Oral Health

February 17, 2019

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Many people take their oral health for granted. As long as your mouth is free from pain and enables you to enjoy all of your favorite foods, you might not think about it too much. If you’re not careful, however, you could easily damage your precious smile and suffer from serious dental problems. A dentist in Boca Raton, Dr. Kenneth Mogell, is here to talk about common threats to oral health and how you can protect yourself from them.


Boca Raton Dentist Reveals 4 Little-Known Cavity Facts!

December 27, 2018

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You’ve probably known what a cavity is since you were a small child. You were told that if you ate a lot of sugar and didn’t brush your teeth, they were pretty much inevitable, and getting them fixed involved having your teeth drilled…or does it? In truth, there are plenty of things you probably don’t know about cavities, and today, a Boca Raton dentist is going to reveal 4 of the most interesting ones!


Save Time, Money, & Stress with your Dentist in Boca Raton

October 20, 2018

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welcome sign Finding a dentist is easy these days, but actually choosing one…that’s much more difficult thanks to the internet. If you type “dentist in Boca Raton” into a search engine right now, you’ll instantly get nearly 10 MILLION results! There’s simply no way that you have the time to compare and contrast each of them to figure out which ones offer what you need and would be the best fit for you. However, today, we’re here to make your search nice and quick. At Mogell Dental Associates, you’ll not only find a team led by not one, but two dentists with more than three decades of experience, but a comprehensive array of services you’ll scarcely find at any other private practice. (more…)

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